Real People Talk: Why I Date White Men

Seattle, Wa – Facebook erupted with hysteria when Mailee Xailuss, 24, posted her story in a Facebook group called “Hmong Relationship and Advice” about only dating white men.  Thousands of Facebook users commented with both harsh criticism and support.  ZQ was able to contact Mailee Xailuss for an exclusive interview for our Real People Talk segment.

ZQ: Hello, Mailee Xailuss.  Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to answer some questions about the recent Facebook blacklash you received concerning your story.  Can you tell us what happened?

MX: You’re welcome.  Well I’ve been reading posts in the Hmong Relationship and Advice group, and I kept reading the same complaints over and over about Hmong men.  From my own personal experience I agreed with them and that was when I posted about why I only date white men.

ZQ: What are some of the complaints you read?

MX: It’s the usual.  Hmong men are lazy, do not work, live with their parents, play games all day, are abusive and controlling.

ZQ: When you say you have personal experience, can you elaborate on this?

MX: Sure.  When I was 14, I had a Hmong boyfriend.  He was 15.  I really liked him and we dated for about a year.  I started to hear the same complaints from my friends about their Hmong boyfriends.  That was when I took a hard look at my relationship with my boyfriend.  I noticed he didn’t have a job, he was living at home with his parents, and he played Worms on his Nokia 3515 phone while waiting for me to get ready.  Thats when I knew Hmong men were not in the future for me.  I broke up with my Hmong boyfriend that day.

ZQ: Why white guys?

MX: White men are totally different than Hmong men. They have jobs, their own cars, they live on their own, don’t play games and they treat us better.

ZQ: Are you currently dating anyone?

MX: Yes, my boyfriend is Caucasian and we have been dating for eight years.  I met him after I broke up with my Hmong boyfriend, we are really in love.

ZQ: What do you and your boyfriend do for a living?

MX: I work as a paralegal in a large law firm and he is a musician.  We both are really supportive of each others careers.

ZQ: Are you guys living together?

MX: Yes, Right now he is living with me until he gets a record contract and then we can move to a bigger place.  We have been living together the last three years.

ZQ: Has he ever abused you mentally or physically?

MX: A couple of times during our relationship, but we both had been drinking heavily and he didn’t mean to. He was probably just drunk so I forgive him.

ZQ: Do you both share the expenses equally?

MX: He doesn’t make a lot of money right now so I take care of most of the bills.  It’s okay because I believe in him and really want him to achieve his goals.

ZQ: What do you guys do during your free time for fun?

MX: We are both so busy; when I get home, I usually watch Korean drama, surf FaceBook or read news on ZaubQaub. He is usually at his friend’s house everyday practicing with the band or at home practicing Guitar Hero on the PlayStation.

ZQ: Well MaiLee XaiLuss, I want to thank you again for sitting down with us for this interview and answering my questions.  Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

MX: You are welcome.  I just want to say one last thing.  If you are dating a Hmong guy and you notice he is lazy; doesn’t have a job, car, and doesn’t treat you right. You should open your mind and date a white man; they don’t have these faults that Hmong men have.

That concludes our Real Person Talk with Mailee Xailuss.  Please stay tuned for our next interviewee, Alvin Lee, who will explain the process of going to Laos to find a wife. ■

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Written by Zaub Qaub

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