#kuvthiab Movement Rises In Hmong Community

Plant City, FL – Breaking news out of Florida, a state known for handing out free land to Hmong women, a well-known author and contributor to the hit news media website ZaubQaub, Qos Xyooj, has been implicated in a sexual assault case that has the locals wondering, “Isn’t that the creepy Hmong guy with dark sunglasses that stares entirely too long at my daughters at the New Years?”  

News of the sexual assault broke when an anonymous ZQ reader Tweeted about her encounter with the smooth talking and savvy gentleman who runs a wing-man service to help shy Hmong men hit on unsuspecting women at bars and clubs.  Her comment brings to light the recent unraveling of Hollywood’s worst sexual predators and deviants in the #metoo movement on social media.

According to a 2010 research study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 3 Asian American and Pacific Islander women and 1 in 6 AAPI men experience some form of sexual violence.

We know that sexual violence is real and happens in our community. It is no secret. We understand that the ways our community and some of our leaders have dealt with sexual violence is to sweep it under the rug. We have seen time again instances of victims/survivors being blamed for what happened to them, victims/survivors being silenced for speaking out, victim/survivors being labeled as liars, persons who have caused harm protected by family and community, and in some instances forcing the victims/survivors to marry the person who committed sexual violence towards them. Instead of calling out sexual violence and holding the person who has done the harm accountable and responsible, some of those in our community has constantly given excuses such as “it’s a part of our culture” or blaming and invalidating the survivor’s experience. Our community has long upheld rape culture. It is time to start holding people who have caused sexual violence accountable for their actions.

Qos Xyooj as been suspended indefinitely pending the outcome of this case, we at ZaubQaub are sadden to have harbored such a prominent and unremorseful person who may have abused his position of authority to those that put their trust in him.  When reached for his comments, Qos responded by saying, “All I did was offer her some of my refreshing dib on this hot summer day, I had the bowl and spoon ready to scrape my dib into for her, but unknown to me my zipper was open and it was only after she ran out of the room did I realize my wardrobe malfunction.”

We hope that others will take to the #kuvthiab movement and share their stories of unsuspecting incidents or mistaken social awkwardness.  Aziz Ansari may have had a bad date and Qos Xyooj may just have had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, but the moral of the story is still the same:  don’t get caught with your zipper down while holding your dib.

#kuvthiab.  Share it, tell it, empower it.

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Written by Zaub Qaub

They say he still holds the Midwest's record for growing the largest cucumber, but he modestly claims "it's really not that big" as he tucks it into his pant legs. ZQ is dedicated to feeding the world with veggies from his garden. You can find him at most farmer's markets, looking for the freshest leaves to toss his salad.

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