Hmong Photographers Rank Highest

CANON, USA – In a recent survey of all Facebook Photographers, Hmong photographers ranked highest among their peers in quality.  This all-exclusive survey included photographers from all around the world in countries starting with ‘United States of’.  Clients and customers were asked to review their last photoshoot sessions and include the ethnicity of the person behind the camera for statistical purposes.  Import model, Kim Song says “Yea, like our Hmong photogs are pretty much some of the best in the biz.  I got my modeling start when my (ex)boyfriend asked if he could shoot me and I said yes.  After he posted my photo on Facebook, I started getting calls for photoshoots and stuff.”

One of the reasons why Hmong photographers are well sought after is their quiet demeanor and short stature.  Yes, their height.  “We don’t have to work so high up, so it’s like we’re face-to-face with our models”, says Teng, an aspiring and successful Facebook photographer.  “I owe my entire business to shooting the short stuff and basically photoshopping them to perfection”, he adds.

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Written by Zaub Qaub

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