Hepatitis C Increasing Among Hmong People

The Hmong Organization for Physical Education, or HOPE, has released a study revealing that more Hmong people are catching Hepatitis C.  According to their studies the rates of Hep C among Hmong adults has skyrocketed a whopping 50,000% since their arrival in the mid 1970s to the United States.  This means that every one in four adults have it.  HOPE Director Cindy Moua says these numbers only reflect the population of Hmong adults that get diagnosed in the US; there could be many more Hmong people out there who have neglected visiting hospitals and thus have not been diagnosed.

One of these four drinkers will have Hapatitus C

We asked Senior Research Analyst Jack Yang what he thinks the main reason is behind this rise.  “Hmong drinking parties, definitely.  That’s where I caught mine.  Hmong people will just be sitting down in a circle and a cup gets passed around and around.  You can’t just say no either; that’s a bit disrespectful and you don’t want to act the fool.”

According to Hope, as many as 20 to 30 Hmong adults will have a drink from the same cup during any casual gathering.  From that single isolated incident those 20-30 Hmong adults will spread it to at least three others.  Also, out of those 20-30 adults at least three of them are old men that will visit Laos and infect one person there.  That same person will then infect at least two other Hmong men that will bring it back to different Hmong communities in the US.

This phenomenon is not exclusive to the Hmong community.  The same trend can be observed among college communities where Hepatitis C has also risen in the past decade since drinking games like beer pong, flippy cup, viking, circle of death, and hammerschlagen became popular.

For those who have been diagnosed, there is a cure.  Fortunately the Hmong cure-all medicine known as the miracle ebola prevention has shown to be effective in ridding of many illnesses, one of them being Hepatitis C.  Users who have undergone treatment have even quoted Madonna in saying that it makes them feel “like a virgin, touched for the very first time.” ■

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